Shoes and Bag care recommendations

We want your shoes and bags to look and feel amazing. So we thought we could give you some tips about shoe care to help you bring your shoes back to life. Follow these recommendations to keep your shoes in tip top condition.

Basic shoe care recommendations:

- Keep your shoes inside shoe lasts or with some paper inside so that they do not lose their form

- Keep them inside the shoe box or inside a cloth shoe bag

Shoe polish recommendations


Cleaning instructions:

- use a dry cloth to remove dust

- apply shoe cream and rub in by hand until dry

- the more you polish, the more your shoes will shine


-  buff with a horsehair brush, the more you polish, the more your shoes will shine


Cleaning instructions:

- apply shoe spray protector

- we recommend you to use a soft suede brush or soft sponge

- gently buff your shoes with the suede brush or sponge to remove any dust and dirty particles


- apply a treatment spray or dust repellent

Metalised leather 

Cleaning instructions:

- use a cold wet cotton cloth to remove dust and stains


- you may use a metalised cream to remove marks


Cleaning instructions:

- apply wax cream

-  use a horsebrush and buff your shoes


- you may use natural creams for shoes

- apply the wax hours before using your shoes so they have time to dry

Patent leather 

Cleaning instructions:

- use a cloth to remove dust


- you may use a patent leather cleaner in gel format

Bag care recommendations

We invite you to follow bag care recommendations to keep your bags in a perfect condition:

-Store your bags in the woven dust bag . Our dust bags will protect embellished styles from being snagged and beads being pulled off too.

-Fill the bag with stuffing to help it keep its shape and prevent wrinkles and creasing. A couple of packets of desiccants, like silica gel, prevent dampness from ruining a bag.

-Air out the bag periodically to prevent mould, and always store leather bags in cool, dry places, and in containers that allow air flow.

-Apply suede spray protector for your suede bags before you wear them.