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Bluchers and lace-up shoes

Make a statement in your day-to-day with the new collection of women's bluchers. Shoes with laces are one of the current trends and it is not for less, since both its perfect finishes, as well as its careful details will help you to wear an elegant and comfortable style. Discover all the models and fall in love with the perfect blucher for you.


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Show off lace-up shoes and boast sophistication and trend

There won't be any plans you can't join when you have one of the new season's bluchers on your feet. Women's flat shoes with laces are characterised by their versatility and comfort, ideal for women who live a busy day to day life.

There is a wide variety of bluchers designs, from classic women's leather bluchers to special bluchers in black or different shades, made in different materials and finishes such as leather, split leather, pebbled or non-pebbled, etc. and with different super combinable colours such as navy blue, beige or even metallic shades so that you never stop shining when you wear them.

Choose the ones that best match your outfits: bluchers with platform, with different velvet prints or dare to wear bluchers with heels, which will enhance your figure on the most special occasions so you can look classy in your best outfits.

Bluchers with platform or flat?A shoe for every occasion

Bluchers with a platform are one of the reasons why shoes with laces have become one of the main trends in the footwear world this new season, as they are the perfect balance between the latest innovations in the footwear sector and the greatest comfort.

But if your style is more classic and you prefer elegance above all else when choosing a look, navy blue women's blucher shoes will be ideal for you. 

Opt for women's blucher shoes brands such as Kénnebec, Bryan, Traveris or Rhostock to dress your feet. Combine your bluchers with a pair of pleated trousers or skinny trousers with a blouse or choose to wear a pair of lace-up shoes with a platform with a fitted shirt and you will make sure that no one takes their eyes off your outfit. There's no doubt that lace-up shoes are ideal for pairing with almost any outfit.