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Mary Jane shoes

Very similar to low-heeled ballerinas, Mary Jane shoes are a type of shoe with a history that features a strap across the instep that fastens with a buckle, giving it a classic style.


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Mary Jane shoes: The reinvented shoes that are revolutionising this year's collection

One of the undisputed stars of this season are the Mary Jane shoes, a type of women's Mary Jane shoes that we've seen on more than one occasion on the red carpet. If you want to take a risk and give them a different touch, go for combining Mary Jane shoes with fishnet or monochrome socks, from black to silver. Go for black Mary Jane shoes with heels and a bracelet, or take a risk with a splash of colour.

History of Mary Jane shoes

To discover the origin of Mary Jane shoes we go back to the 19th century in England. They were originally designed as shoes for girls, characterised by a strap on the instep that fastens with a buckle. The name "Mary Jane" is said to have been popularised in the 1900s by a comic book character named Buster Brown, whose younger sister wore this type of shoe. Since that time, Mary Jane shoes have become a fashion classic, adapting to different styles and one of this season's trends.